**  Limit For Member Loan Enhanced Upto Rs. 3.00 Lacs wef 02.01.2017  ##   FOR ANY QUERY RELATED TO BANK A/C , Please Contact on ; 0171-2600749 . As per RBI Guidlines Bank branches will be closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday of Every Month & other Saturday Shall Function as Full Day ie Upto 4.00 PM.   Fully computerised BANK Branch at  GPO COMPOUND,  DELHI . PHONE NO. of DELHI BRANCH is 011-23864650.  Member Can deposit their amount in any nearest branch of  the TWO Banks A/c  as given 1. SBI A/C NO. :  30513873107  2.  HDFC :  01310380000016  in the BANK A/C i.e. BENEFICIARY NAME as " THE POSTAL AND RMS EMPLOYEES COOPERATIVE BANK LTD."  Offered 0.50% Extra Interest for Senior Citizens.Chairman  Naresh Gupta ,  C.E.O. Ashwani Aggarwal, Phone: +91-9466137456, 0171-2600749. Manager:  Sanjay Kumar Jain, Phone: 011-23864650


About Us


Brief History

The Postal and RMS Employees Coop Bank Limited, Ambala Cantt was initially set up in way back in 1928 at Ambala with only 15 members of Department of Posts and Telegraph as a Coop Society to cater the financial needs of the employees of the particular employees by collecting money from the employees who is having the surplus funds and extending the loan to those who are in need of money with sole social object without profit motive.


As the passage of time, the society was shifted to Lahore (Now in Pakistan) and was again transferred to Ambala after partition in 1947.


The Coop Society converted into a Urban Coop Bank in the year 1982.


After 1982, when the institution got the Banking License from Reserve Bank of India (Central Bank), the Bank has expanded its field to the General Public also by accepting the deposits from the Public. The Bank has got the facilities as like other nationalized Banks.  The Bank is also required to maintain Statutory Liquidity and Cash Reserve Ratio as per the Banking Regulation Act 1949.  The public deposit are insured with Deposit Credit Guarantee Corporation of India like all other commercial banks functioning in India.


We are the one of the leading Urban Cooperative Bank in Haryana State and having the Highest Deposit and Advances base in the Haryana State among the Urban Coop Banks operating in India (Source – SLRC Meeting Data released by RBI, Chandigarh on 07.02.06)





The Institution was set up with the objective to serve the financial need of the employees of the Department of Posts.  With this sole social objective the institution was set up and to meet out further requirement of finance by the employees of the Department, the society was converted to Urban Cooperative Bank to accept deposit from the public including Non Members.


Now at present from 5 states in Northern Inidia, i.e Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pardesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Delhi.  The Bank is having the membership of over 14000 employees.  The loan is being extended on the same day on presentation of the Loan application without any hassle.


Besides this the advances are being advanced at the minimal rate of interest, as the main objective of the Bank is to provide the financial help at the lowest rate. 


Besides this the Bank is also extending the highest rate of interest on deposits from the public in the region.  Our cost of establishment is at minimal as we extend the interest upto 8.10 % p.a and loan is being extended at 11.40 % p.a.




The Postal and RMS Employees Cooperative Bank Ltd, Ambala Cantt. have opened  A/c's in TWO NATIONAL LEVEL BANKs. The objective is to provide the facilities to our members for their deposit and Local Cheque Clearance.


The member can depoit their Loan amount in any nearest branch of the following two bank's as given below.


STATE BANK OF INDIA :     A/c No.  30513873107

H.D.F.C                                 A/c No.:    01310380000016


The amount to be deposited in the name of i.e. BENEFICIARY NAME as Below carefully;




NoteTHE PAY-IN-SLIP (DEPOSIT SLIP) of the BANK may either be FAXED / or POST

             to the BANK address for confirmation of proceeds in their account.